An album of Tibetan painted furniture

This is a selection of small Tibetan painted tables called 'Chogtse’ and ‘Pegham’. Chogtse are low tables or utilitarian storage cabinets typically found in Tibetan homes. Pegham are low cabinets for reading Tibetan manuscripts, manuscripts made of loose leaves bound between two wooden covers. These examples were collected over many trips to Tibet and Nepal and  like most vintage Tibetan furniture it is well used with original paint and patina, as well as blemishes and the occasional traditional repair.

Chogtse A - This is a small painted hardwood chogtse of a unique design. The top panel slides to reveal storage under the lid and a sliding drawer on the side. The front has a colorful carved and painted relief on the front.

21”  w  x  9” h  x  10 1/2  

Chogtse B - A lovely chogtse with colorful painted floral details with pomegranates and leaves. Made to be viewed frontally it has an open back.

23” w  x  13” h  x  9 3/4”

24 1/2”  w  x  16” h  x  11” 

Chogtse C - A very nice old painted chogtse with a norbu (wish fulfilling gem) in a floral motif on the front and a drawer on the side.

Chogtse D - An old painted chogtse with an open back. The front panel is painted with a lovely floral design.

25 1/4”  w  x  17 1/2”  h  x  13 1/4”

Chogtse E - A heavy chogtse with red painted features and a sliding arch shaped entry to the storage compartment on the front.

30” w  x  15” h  x  14 1/4”

Chogtse F - A small open backed chogtse / alter with a carved deep relief grid design with swastika & Chinese lucky symbols.

23 1/4”  w  x  8 1/4” h  x  9”

Chogtse G - A simple storage chogtse with painted doors on the front and an unfinished back.

23” w  x  11 1/2” h  x  9”

Chogtse H - An early and unusual chogtse from Kerung above the Nepal border with Tibet. It has a dark smoky patina with carved doors with surface designs depicting snow lions and geometric designs. A provincial style with lugs on the sides for moving and  a simple unfinished back.

16” w  x  16” h  x  8”

Chogtse  I - A very nicely painted storage cabinet  with doors and a floral  painted design with lotus and norbu. The sides are painted and the back is unfinished. Is it a chogtse or a pegham?

19 1/2” w  x  22 1/2” h  x  10 1/2”

Pegham A - This miniature pegham is tiny. 

It is a simple red color and has a compartmentr for storing your tiny things!

8 1/2” w  x 16” h  x  8”

Pegham B - This is a very special  miniature  pegham with colorful painted  floral designs on all four sides. 

12 1/4” w  x  17 1/4” h  x  12”

Pegham C - A lovely small pegham painted red with floral accents on four sides and a storage compartment accessed by a sliding panel on the front. 

19 1/2” w  x  22 1/2” h  x  10 1/2”